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The development trend of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry ——Rizhao Weiye Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

2024-01-29 14:53:12

An overview of the history of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry indicates its future development trend, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Plastic packaging bags in the proportion of traditional packaging materials will continue to increase with the rising innovation of science and technology and new energy development and the main contradiction between comprehensive utilization, plastic as a “rising star”, promote the packaging four base proportion comedy change, in the late eighty s promoted the first, so far still maintain its steady growth: global packaging with plastic has reached 30 million tons, the average annual growth rate of 1.8%, which accounts for the largest proportion of plastic flexible packaging. In China, in the past decade since 1990, the average annual growth rate of plastic packaging materials has reached 9.8%. In addition, corresponding to one quarter of the world’s population, the very low per capital consumption of plastic packaging materials in China is 0.52kg / person · year at present, and the highest is 120kg / person · year in developed countries, which just indicates a huge potential market for the future development of China’s plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry.

2.”Multi-function, specialization, thin shape” requirements will be progressive plastic flexible packaging technology application with the improvement of people’s living standards, the pace of life and its consumption patterns, the requirement of packaging materials is bound to be higher and higher, it also must cause plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry in the future development of technology application more and more favor in the development of various types of high functionality, high functional and specialized packaging film and composite film. Such as: to improve the protection function of perishable food and dairy products; High-barrier packaging materials that extend the shelf life of various types of contents; Suitable for fruits, vegetables and other gas conditioning environment storage of fresh packaging materials; Suitable for agricultural and sideline products and other production and processing of selected permeability packaging materials; Suitable for “three furnace” heating, sterilization of high temperature resistant, radiation resistant materials; Special sterile packaging materials on the automatic canning line; Edible, soluble and self-decomposed materials that can meet the requirements of environmental protection; Suitable for all kinds of food, grain storage, sales and other conditions of mildew, insect prevention, antibacterial materials and their functional materials to meet the needs of various other special purposes, Such as lithium battery packaging, lT packaging and so on. At the same time, the international recently advocated the so-called “simplified” of the packaging, “saving” packaging “, is clearly put forward the packaging material thinning, reduction, and multi-functional plastic packaging materials and the first to sing protagonist —— through” thin “to” lightweight “,” with its “soft” and “upright” form instead of the original hard container, so as to reduce the empty bag volume, and easy to destroy and recycling. In addition, by improving the structure design of packaging products, reducing the volume or repeated packaging and paying attention to the material, improve additional functions, to extend the service life of plastic flexible packaging to achieve the purpose of “simplifying packaging”,“saving packaging”.

Save the earth’s resources and protect the earth’s environment.

“Saving the earth’s resources and protecting the earth’s environment” will be one of the key focus points for the future development of the plastic packaging packaging manufacturing industry. When the plastic packaging manufacturing industry gets rid of the confusion of “white pollution”, Does not mean that the future development of plastic flexible packaging can be unscrupulous, We must wake up from the “negligence” in the failure of the non-recycling of most plastics and the research of the decomposition (or dissolution) and later degradation (white destruction) of plastics, To study the countermeasures quickly, Formulate the relevant laws and regulations, Take corresponding measures: such as active research and development of low pollution, self-degradation, high performance and can give full play to the renewable performance and meet the application requirements of new materials; Develop technologically advanced and economically reasonable recycling technology applications and equipment, And with the sorting, separation and recycling of plastic packaging products, So as to achieve as far as possible to implement recycling, renewable utilization, decomposition into chemical utilization, incineration treatment recycling energy utilization and so on both save resources and protect the environment ” conducive to future generations, In the future “, This is another important future development trend in the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry, Is also the complete concept of “green packaging”.

New technology in the plastic packaging industry

At the same time of improving the technical content of plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry, we pay attention to the production, research and development and management of plastic packaging materials into the track of “modern enterprise mode” represented by the international quality assurance system and environmental series of fine management.

In view of the lack of excellent technology application, management talents and skilled workers in the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry, a series of strengthening measures are taken to achieve extraordinary progress as soon as possible: for example, to set up relevant technical majors or management majors in colleges and universities to train various talents in short supply; to hold national professional technical training courses through various channels, especially to pay attention to the training of senior workers, technicians and imported equipment maintenance management personnel, and to broaden the knowledge of various types of personnel to cultivate compound talents. In addition, to strengthen the technical exchanges between the domestic and foreign manufacturing industries, go abroad to learn advanced experience or through the relevant ways to invite foreign experts to hold special technical lectures or introduce foreign advanced management experience, etc., is actually the new trend of the current plastic flexible packaging manufacturing industry.

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