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How to design the food packaging bags? ——–Rizhao Weiye Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

2024-01-29 15:00:30

Usually when we go to buy food, the first of our eye is food packaging bag, so a food can not be able to sell well, has a large part of the reason depends on the quality of food bags, some products even if its color may not be so attractive, but through various methods of rendering, eventually is also able to attract consumers.

Successful food packaging can not only quickly catch the attention of consumers, but also can make people feel that the food in the packaging is fresh and delicious, generating the impulse to buy immediately. So, how to design food packaging to impress customers? What about producing good taste hints?

Color is the most important link in food packaging design, and it is also the fastest information that consumers can receive, which can set a tone for the whole packaging. Some colors can give good taste hints, while others are exactly the opposite.for instance:

※Grey and black make people look a little bitter;

※Dark blue and cyan look slightly salty;

※Dark green gives people a sour feeling.

These colors are used in food packaging more carefully. Of course, this does not mean that all food packages are packaged in similar groups of colors. The choice of the final color of packaging also takes into account the taste, taste, grade and difference between similar products.

Because the taste in addition to the main sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy “tongue sense”, there are a variety of “taste”. In order to show so much taste feeling on the packaging, and to correctly convey the taste information to consumers, designers should show it according to the methods and rules of people’s cognitive color.for instance:

※Red fruits give people a sweet taste, and red is used for packaging is mainly to convey the sweet taste. Red also gives people with warm, festive association, in the application of food smoke, wine red, and festive and warm meaning;

※Yellow reminds people of freshly baked cakes, sending out attractive fragrance, showing the fragrance of food, use yellow;

※Orange and yellow are between red and yellow, and it conveys a taste like an orange, sweet and slightly sour;

※And the performance of fresh, tender, crisp, sour and other taste and taste, generally with green series of color;

※It is interesting that human food is rich and colorful, but in real life, there are few blue food available for human consumption. Therefore, the main function of blue in food packaging design is to enhance the visual impact, more hygienic and elegant;

※As for the strong and weak characteristics of the taste taste, such as soft, sticky, hard, crisp, smooth and other taste, designers mainly rely on the intensity and lightness of the color design to show. For example, use crimson red to show more sweet foods, vermilion to show moderate sweetness foods, orange red to show less sweet foods, etc;

※There are also some food or drinks are directly with the color of people have been used to the product to express their taste, such as dark brown (commonly known as brown) became coffee, chocolate food special color.

To sum up, you can understand the color is the main method of designer performance food taste, but there are also some taste is not easy to use color, such as: bitter, salty, spicy, etc., designers with the aid of the special font design and packaging atmosphere of the rendering design, from the spirit and culture to show the taste, make consumers can be clear at a glance that the taste information.

Different shapes and different styles of pictures or illustrations on the food packaging will also give consumers taste hints.

※Round, semicircle, oval decorative patterns make people have a warm, wet feeling, used for mild food, such as cakes, preserves and even convenient food;

※Square and triangular patterns, on the other hand, will give people a cold, hard, crisp, dry feeling, obviously these shape patterns are used for puffed food, frozen food, dry goods, will be more appropriate than the round pattern;

※In addition, the use of pictures can play the role of stimulating consumer appetite. More and more packaging designers put the physical photos of the food on the packaging, and show the consumers the appearance of the food in the packaging, and this method is always successful;

※One more decorative technique is for emotional food (such as chocolate coffee, tea, red wine), which is consumed with a strong emotional tendency. Random hand-drawn illustrations, beautiful landscape pictures, and even romantic legends, the atmosphere created on the packaging, the first to give consumers an indirect emotional implication, thus producing a good taste association.

The shape of food packaging will also have an impact on the taste expression of food. Due to the differences between different packaging shapes and the properties of materials, the texture presented is also the factor that affects the taste of food. The modeling design of food packaging is an abstract form of language expression.

How to use abstract language to express the taste appeal of food packaging design?

There are two issues to note here

The first, innervation. Dynamic means development, progress, balance and other good quality. The formation of motion is usually achieved by curves and the rotation of the body in space.

Secondly, The sense of volume. The sense of volume refers to the psychological feeling brought by the volume of the packaging. For example: puffed food should use flushing gas packaging, a large volume of the shape can show the soft feeling of food.

However, it must be pointed out that no matter how the design is, the limitations of the packaging production shape and production conditions should be taken into account, because after all, the packaging is industrial production.

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