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Company Profile

Rizhao Weiye Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Rizhao Fuhua Color Printing Plastic Packaging Co., LTD., founded in 2006. In accordance with the standards and specifications of food plastic packaging and pharmaceutical plastic packaging, combined with the requirements of fire protection, safety, occupational health, environmental protection and other laws and regulations, Rizhao Weiye Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. was registered in June 2020 and completed acceptance and put into operation by the end of 2021. The company takes "safety, health, high quality and high efficiency" as its purpose, and wholeheartedly meets the needs of customers. It mainly provides customized services for food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

Main Products

The main products are food packaging, medicine plastic flexible packaging, self-adhesive label printing, food packaging with plastic disposable brackets.

Company size

The purification workshop is 2300 square meters (of which the 100,000 grade charge clean workshop is 1300 square meters).
10,000 purification laboratory, supporting the corresponding product testing equipment, with oxygen permeability detection, water permeability detection, puncture detection, impact energy detection, solvent residue detection, heat seal detection, air tightness detection, dissolved matter detection, microbial detection, tensile detection and other detection capabilities.
In terms of software, the company has obtained food packaging production license, pharmaceutical packaging production registration number, ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO22000:2018 food safety management system certification.

Production process

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Company Team

The company takes "my business my home" as the concept, enterprises care for employees, employees care for enterprises, and realize the common social value of employees and enterprises. Pay attention to staff training and talent backbone reserve, people-oriented, strengthen the spirit of the enterprise and software construction.

The company has production safety supervision department, Finance Department, quality inspection Department, production Department, laboratory, sales department, business management Department and so on. The company pays attention to the improvement of technology and the upgrading of equipment, in recent years, a number of old production machinery has been eliminated, the introduction of advanced production equipment, and the modernization of production has been realized. The development of industry, the revitalization of enterprises is the development goal of the enterprise, not arrogant, not impatient, rigorous practical is the company's consistent work style, in the past few years, the company in the existing achievements on the basis of unremitting efforts, pioneering, in the province and outside the plastic packaging market occupies a place, won the majority of customers and quality inspection department praise.

Corporate Vision

Our company takes "safety, health, quality, efficiency" as the business philosophy, to provide you with cost-effective products and value-added services, comply with the principle of product quality, cost quality, speed quality.

With excellent quality, sincere reputation, fast and perfect service is willing to work together with you, a total profit, create brilliant!

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